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Theatre ...

From my first appearance on stage at the age of 12 (Bardolph in Henry V1), I have had a passionate interest in all forms of drama.

As well as acting in and directing numerous plays, I have written two commemorative dramas, one celebrating the new millennium (2000) and another for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (2012).

The 2019 Southwold Festival commissioned my play Attagirls, and each year I co-write and direct two plays with my ICES (France) undergraduates.

Music ...

My oratorio Jacob and Esau, with music by Stuart McIntosh, was first performed at Kent College, Canterbury in 2006.

My principal musical work is The Last Clarinet (1996) for voice and orchestra with celebrated composer Paul Englishby. It has been performed in the UK (including a debut recording on Classic FM) and several other countries.

Its captivating mix of pathos, humour and memorable tunefulness continues to delight young audiences all around the world.

Listen here:

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