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You cannot fail to be moved by this masterpiece.

Review of The Soterion Mission (Curious Fox) in Readers Write

Probably the best speaker we have.

QEII Cruise Director

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Queen Elizabeth II - for Dummies

'One of the most challenging books I have ever been asked to write.

'A history of Britain over the past century, plus a character study of an enigmatic icon, plus an extraordinary supporting cast of  stalwarts, misfits and oddities, plus discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of having an hereditary head of state... all in almost 400 fact-and-fun-filled pages.

'It was like writing an historical-literary marathon!'' Stewart Ross

If you want to know how Britain operates, why the monarchy survives, what the Commonwealth is, about the relationship between the monarch and the prime minister, how constitutional monarchy evolved, where and how the monarch lives... this is the book for you.


A clear, concise and witty guide to the life and times of one of the most important figures of the modern age.

As always, you were fabulous!

Research and Pedagogy Lead at Noadswood School after a day of video workshops

A fascinating mix of science, history, literature and religion, with a strong and engaging authorial voice,

that will appeal to a wide audience.

Judges announcing the ALCS / Society of Authors Educational Writers’ Award Winner for Moon (OUP)

A thumping good read!

The Kentish Gazette on One Crowded Hour (Warner)